Harvard Business Review Article :: Democratizing Transformation

April 21, 2022 LeoRose Consulting

LeoRose has been working with our clients on their most pressing organizational transformation challenges for 20+ years. Beyond the standard “people, process, and technology” pillars, we understand change management and consistently deliver strong returns on investment to our clients. In our extensive experience, no transformation effort can be successful without a well-calibrated and dedicated team focused on delivering organization-wide change.

In the May – June 2022 issue of Harvard Business Review, authors Marco Iansiti, the David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, explain succinctly how change management applies to organizations undergoing digital transformations. The article cites an extremely compelling data point from the IDC Worldwide IT Industry 2020 Predictions Report that states, “enterprises across the global economy will need to create some 500 million new digital solutions by 2023—more than the total number created over the past 40 years.”

The authors go on to argue that successful implementation of, and return on investment on, these solutions “cannot be accomplished by small groups of technologists and data scientists walled off in organizational silos. It will require much larger and more diverse groups of employees—executives, managers, and frontline workers—coming together to rethink how every aspect of the business should operate.” Finally, Iansiti and Nadella present a compelling roadmap to successfully “bridging the digital divide” within a context of organizational transformation.

Put simply, this is spot on. We couldn’t agree more and many of the approaches and critical-to-success initiatives the authors discuss have been deployed by LeoRose across many client engagements. A long story short – from our perspective, the old mantra of “manage the change” still applies.

We encourage you to read the full article, “Democratizing Transformation“, by Marco Iansiti and Satya Nadella on Harvard Business Review.

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