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Why pull from a talent pool when you can build a talent pipeline?

At LeoRose, we’re changing how businesses build their future. We start by singling out the systems, data sets, and skill sets that are relevant to your industry and business goals, and then use that knowledge to curate, educate, and incentivize candidates within the higher education model—and based on your requirements for employment.

The result: Instead of pulling from an evaporating pool of in-demand candidates, we help create a constant flow of pre-qualified, well-groomed candidates who are primed for increased retention and performance.

Closing the Data Science Skills Gap For Cleared/Clearable Military Veteran Candidates

Attracting and retaining talent in high-demand labor categories is becoming increasingly difficult. As the talent pools evaporate, companies are left with two choices: to steal talent from competitors at increasingly high costs or attempt the arduous process of grooming existing employees into roles they may or may not be suited for.

“Modern Apprenticeship” Model Positively Impacts Talent Acquisition, Retention

We implemented our “modern apprenticeship” model for a client in dire need of data science candidates. Two challenges faced by talent management leadership—acquisition and retention—were met head on.

“Too often, companies are limited in their ability to scale because they simply can’t find the right people to fit the required roles. By employing innovative fintech and edtech, we remove this barrier by connecting highly-qualified candidates with the certifications and training required to meet our client’s short-term and long-term goals. Opportunity, meet exponential growth.” —CEO, Commercial Fintech Client