When federal agencies need the right answers right now, that only means one thing—the right people. Our innovative talent curation process aligns your agency’s project goals with industry leaders who slice the learning curve, anticipate needs, and develop forward-thinking strategies that deliver now and in the future.

Our high employee engagement and retention rates mean high investment, less churn, and more progress—and seamless collaboration across the board.


  • Strategy & Management Consulting
  • IT & Business Analysis
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Epidemiology & Data Science
  • Program Management

“The right talent is pivotal to everything we do here. Having highly talented, expertly trained professionals at-the-ready and on-demand has been essential to our program’s success. Our teams can focus on what needs to be done—and we can focus on results.”
—Director, Federal Agency


“What we do here matters, and therefore who we work with matters. LeoRose knows who we need and how we work best—and then delivers people who fit in and help get it done.”